It’s the Spiritual Medicine for all Illnesses.

Can inviting happiness really be the secret to being well and joyful?

Pure love and happiness are your natural states, so unhappiness is an unnatural condition. Chronically being in an unnatural condition leads to dis-ease, or illness. Inviting happiness is the antidote, the secret spiritual medicine that allows you to return to your natural condition of being well and joyful.

How can we invite happiness and why is it a secret?

You know how much easier it is to play a game when you understand the rules of the game, right? Life is just like that. It’s the most important game you’ll ever play, so it’s in your best interest to know the rules of the game, right? The good news is, the rules are pretty simple. The bad news is most of the rules are a pretty big secret. So how do you learn the secrets of inviting happiness?

  • You can stumble along with haphazard results of wins and losses. Eventually, you will learn.
  • You can read all the documents and policies that you can find, assuming you know how to find and comprehend all these obscure texts and translations.
  • You can follow and study other masters of the game.

Life is a good journey and there have been many good travellers leaving clues about their discoveries. Some of these good travellers are recognized as masters, because they have become great guides for our own journey of self discovery and self mastery. This good journey of life is a circle of progression where all beings are students, teachers, and masters always becoming.

Reiki Precepts

Alignment of body mind spirit

☯   Do not be angry ~ be the expression of peace.

☯   Do not be anxious ~ be the expression of balance & harmony.

☯   Be grateful, appreciate ~ ready to give & receive.

☯   Be diligent ~ do your work honestly.

☯   Be kind to others ~ share your gifts unconditionally without judgment, be the expression of love & compassion without conditions.


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