with Diane Musho Hamilton

Often the people who are closest to us are the ones we most struggle to communicate with. How can we connect to each other when we aren’t always on the same page? Can we make real and empowering connections with the people in our lives—both those we love and those we barely know—regardless of our differences?

Diane Musho Hamilton, a Zen teacher, professional mediator, and author of The Zen of You and Me, thrives in the space where sameness and difference meet—and she wants to help you thrive there, too. Through video talks, readings, and practices, you will explore many of the subconscious forces at play in your relationships: the implicit “me versus you” mentality that can arise in situations, the fraught storylines that seem to repeat themselves, and the impact of certain relational dynamics on your nervous system.

You’ll learn practical tools to help you engage with skill and openness, express yourself clearly, create space for others, and unlock the power of connection in your own life and beyond.

Learn How To

Express Yourself

Discover how to appreciate your own uniqueness and bring it forth more actively

Recognize Patterns

Explore how your communication patterns are affected by your experience of unity and diversity

Listen Effectively

Learn key skills for helping people feel heard when they talk to you

Be Self Aware

Cultivate greater self-awareness—a necessity for personal growth

Understand Emotions

Engage the wisdom and communicative power of emotional states

Unlock Your Power

Learn how you are responsible for creating the dynamic in your relationships

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